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Updated on: May 15, 2014
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berniE-zine - Featured Book Reviews

The Financial Lives of the Poets: A Novel, by Jess Walters

by Bernadette Geyer on 07/26/11

Matt Prior gambled big when he quit his job to launch a web site that reported financial news in verse. Bills piled up, as did the size of his family's debt. With no stable job, a marriage on shaky ground, and a father with severe Alzheimer's, Prior stumbles into a more lucrative business -- dealing high-grade  marijuana to white-collared friends and former co-workers who don't know where to score it outside of a college campus. read the full review here

The Dissemblers, by Liza Campbell

by Bernadette Geyer on 07/05/11

"Once you admit to yourself that you want to be an artist, that you want nothing more in your life than to paint, you've taken a great weight upon your shoulders." These words, spoken by Ivy Wilkes, the protagonist of Liza Campbell's debut novel, prove to be quite prophetic as the burden of Ivy's own artistic desires drives her into the unseemly world of art forgery. read the full review here

Barney and Gienka, poems by John Surowiecki

by Bernadette Geyer on 05/12/11

In his previous poetry collections, John Surowiecki has proven to be a memorable voice with an ability to draw on the humorous aspects of even the most commonplace situations to create poems that delight as they resonate with authenticity. In this new collection, his poems take a much more personal and introspective turn as he focuses on his parents. read the full review here

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